What are resource and platform requirements for udpxy to build and run?

udpxy is designed to run on devices with limited (compared to desktop PC's) resources. The very first build was to run on a router with a 100 MHz CPU and 32Mb of RAM - and today's build can still run on that kind of device. The focus is to keep it simple and compact and the memory footprint - small.

Most builds have been known to compile and run on Linux 2.4, 2.6 and 3.0, and FreeBSD from version 5.5 and up, on a variety of platforms (x86, amd64, MIPS, ARM); some builds haven been tested on PA-RISC; generally, there are no OS/hardware restrictions or dependencies (other than POSIX compliance). Linux and FreeBSD, are the primary build targets and receive the most of attention and support.