Know your streams

GigaTools is an application bundle. It contains:

smd (sa-me-di): stream snapshot generator and analysis tool

smd is a tool serving two main purposes: 1) capturing extracts of a stream; 2) real-time analysis of stream data. smd reads a live video stream, caching (a portion of) it in memory, a snapshot that can be saved to persistent storage when needed. smd analyzes the stream and logs alerts and statistics, such as: audio/video synchronization deviations, PCR record frequency, etc. dbsink module produces the data suitable for loading into a database (supported: InfluxDB, more to come). One can visualize the data by using such tools as Grafana.

npx/ncl: stream I/O tester

npx is a small utility for testing socket-based I/O, emulating (non-TS) traffic and many other things. npx has a client mode (as ncl) and a server one (as npx). It was used for internal (testing) purposes a lot and could be handy in verifying TCP/UDP connectivity and multicast-group availability. npx/ncl is included as a free all-purpose tool.

Supported platforms:

Any x86-64 CPU running FreeBSD: 10-11, Linux: CentOS 7, Debian 8-9, Ubuntu 14.04-16.04 LTS. Minimum RAM: 64 Mb. Support for other platforms is by demand.


GigaTools is commercial software, however, one can run npx or a single smd instance (one stream) for free (for smd use --demo CLI option). A license (demo or commercial) would allow to run an unlimited number of smd instances. In order to get a license, please install GigaTools package and generate a system key by running smd -K on your server. Then email a license request with a brief into (company name, region) to the team. After receiving your license (in a tarball), copy the .lic file to /etc (Linux) or /usr/local/etc (FreeBSD). Enjoy!


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