How to build and install udpxy using gcc or Clang C compiler:

Untar the *.tgz source distribution into a directory of your choice by running:

tar -xzvf udpxy.X.Y-ZZ.tgz or gzip -dc udpxy.X.Y-ZZ.tgz | tar -xvf -

Make sure that GNU make (gmake under BSD) is available.

Check your compiler, if it's not the default cc, prepend make with CC=your_compiler. For instance, if clang is not the default C compiler but you do wish to build with it, run:

CC=clang make [{target}]

The available make targets make up for combinations of size and debug feature sets:

Target:has asserts:has debug symbols:has verbose mode:

Running make without specifying a target will build the release version of udpxy.

Once make has succeeded, the resulting udpxy and udpxrec executable file could be copied to a location of one's choice and run from there - no additional installation steps are required.

Alternately, make install could be run to install udpxy into /usr/local/bin.