IPTV stream relay

udpxy ('you-dee-pixie') is a data stream relay: it reads data streams from a multicast groups and forwards the data to the requesting clients (subscribers). udpxy is designed to serve a small number of clients and is best suited for home usage.

Core features:

  • Lightweight: less than 100K in size (if compiled in "lean" mode);
  • Portable: builds on almost any POSIX-compliant OS, no hardware dependencies imposed;
  • Resource-efficient: runs on devices with limited resources (RAM, CPU);
  • UDP-to-TCP: UDP multicast in, TCP unicast out;
  • RTP stripping: RTP over MPEG-TS in, plain MPEG-TS out;
  • Built-in video recorder: outbound stream recorded on schedule (through udpxrec);
  • Web-enabled: web-based control and display of status and traffic statistics;
  • Highly tunable: message queue and buffer size controlled by command-line switches;

udpxy was written to build on any POSIX-compliant system, with the minumum of external dependencies and configuration steps; it was also designed to maintain a small memory footprint and run on devices with limited resources (CPU, RAM, etc.).

udpxy is free and open source: it is licensed under GNU GPLv3. This quick guide explains the license in easily understandable terms. udpxy is community-supported, there is no official support for it, but you can always ask the community or email the author.

udpxy has been around since 2008, it is included in the firmware of many IPTV-enabled routers. However, its development has been on hold since 2012, with most of the effort routed toward enterprise-grade products, such as Gigapxy, RoWAN, GigA+ and GigaTools.


Anycast-to-anycast 24/7 IPTV traffic relay with enterprise features.

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Highly scalable software for stream delivery over HTTP and HLS.

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Relay remote UDP streams to local multicast.

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